By Jamie Brisick


“Natas always had his own vision and his own trip. He was never concerned with external manifestations or feedback. That’s genetics, that’s good parenting, that’s being the right person at the right time.”      —Craig Stecyk

“Natas comes from that hard knocks school of skateboarding where everything’s hard to do. In order to do the things he was doing on a skateboard you had to pay. You just have to keep trying things over and over at some point you’ll succeed. That’s a pervasive part of the culture he grew up in. He just kept trying and developed his craft and his unique view on things."     —Thomas Campbell 

“Skateboarding was a creative outlet, a way to see new things. So I’ve latched onto that. And that’s what keeps me going. Staying and being a skateboarder and having diminishing skills and doing re-issue boards and ‘remember me’ stuff is the opposite of creativity, of change and newness.”     —Natas Kaupas

January 27, 2013